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Meeting the Challenges of Effective Rate Contracts

Better visibility to the mechanics of effective rates help
independent pharmacies leverage data for improved performance.

How Pharmacists Can Promote and Benefit From Medication Adherence

Pharmacies can track adherence rates, but they need more: the right tools to keep patients engaged and help them maintain adherence. Pharmacy First is taking steps toward solutions.

How DIR Fees Impact the Independent Pharmacy Industry

DIR fees were intended to provide transparency and lower patient costs, but they have become a serious financial burden for pharmacy owners. What’s next, and how can a PSAO help?

The Value of Comprehensive Claims Reconciliation

Because reimbursement errors can be commonplace, timely and accurate reconciliation is necessary to ensure full payments. Having the ability to reconcile each claim drives better visibility into contract performance, which in turn drives profitability. However, many independent pharmacy owners would prefer to spend their working hours building personal relationships with their patients and customers, rather than worrying about reconciling claims.  When a Pharmacy Services Administrative Organization manages claims reconciliation, the result for independent pharmacies is significant time savings and higher profits.

PSAOs and Independent Pharmacies: Collaboration for Better Service and Better Business

As a leading Pharmacy Services Administrative Organization (PSAO), our goal at Pharmacy First is, first and foremost, to support independent pharmacists in all aspects of their businesses. As such, our most recent white paper, “Partnerships for Better Business,” can serve as an excellent resource for pharmacies in search of a high-functioning PSAO to address their unique issues and help them stay competitive – especially when it comes to customer service.